High Performance Business Coaching

The High Performance Business Coaching Programme is for leaders committed to maximising their potential and achieving radical performance improvement.

Who’s it for?

This is for business leaders that aspire to the very highest standard of themselves and want a customised elite coaching programme to get them there.

This programme is for those leaders willing to do whatever it takes to achieve at the highest possible levels. I talk about transformation because that’s what excites me.

Therefore, I’m committed to helping my clients experience it, in whatever way they imagine. Where are you on the continuum of Transformation versus Incremental improvement? If inside, your heart takes a leap at the thought of radical change and the results to go with it, then this is probably the programme for you.

However, make no mistake this is the kind of elite coaching that any professional athlete would expect. They’re not interested in the feedback being sugar-coated and it won’t be here. Therefore, it’s certainly not for everyone and definitely not for those with a thin skin.

What does it deliver?

This coaching helps deliver, transformative results in your business and often your personal life. Faster growth, higher revenues, profits and confidence are all standard expectations from playing full out on this programme. Quite simply we’re targeting nothing but the best that each individual can possibly produce.

Why I can help you achieve these results?

Over a period of almost 40 years in business ranging from entrepreneurship to running large corporate operations. Everything I’ve achieved has been as a direct result of coaching and empowering the people around me to make changes and deliver outstanding results. This wide-ranging business exposure has provided me with the learning experiences for the creation of my proprietary growth blueprint summarised within my book “Transformation From Chaos

I’ve personally experienced some of the best role models for coaching from the arenas of international athletics, table tennis and mentors from the corporate world. I’ve perhaps learnt even more from having to cope with physical injury that stopped my athletics career dead in it’s tracks at a tender age. Not forgetting of course that every business success and failure are fertile grounds for confidence building and learning.

I trained and ran my own practice for a number of years as a Performance Development coach using Ericksonian Hypnosis, NLP and Psychotherapy. I loved using Ericksonian Hypnosis as a performance development tool because it’s the closest I’ve come to see transformation happen in people within minutes. I also love how this practice helps people tap into their own inner resources without the need for advice from a coach, therapist or mentor.
I bring all of these experiences, techniques and insights to every coaching assignment to help my clients squeeze every ounce of potential into achieving their dreams.

Is this programme right for you?

Because this programme is designed for those leaders who are determined to maximise their full potential and achieve at much higher levels, it’s vital that we have the right chemistry. Therefore, the initial consultation lasts up to two hours. The purpose of this initial consultation is for me to fully understand your aspirations and challenges so that I can assess your situation. If I believe we have a good fit and that I can help, I’ll then explain how I work and tell you which programme would be a good match for you.

What I believe?

I believe we can all achieve (pretty much) whatever we want if we adopt a creative mindset and are prepared do the work

Innovation and therefore transformation is achieved via radical focussed strategy that makes the competition irrelevant not via “Me-Too” vanilla growth strategies. My blueprint and programmes are designed to support these objectives.

I believe entrepreneurs and business leaders hold the key for our communities being able to recover from how the world has changed and in shaping a future which continues to improve our global standards of living.