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Why do so many business leaders associate so easily with sports teams and their coaches? Yes, many are fanatically following their chosen teams, but I would argue just as many are fascinated about the similar performance issues apparent between sports and business.

Yes, it’s clear that very often the biggest teams have very obvious advantages over the smaller less well-resourced ones. And yet the big boys don’t always win, in spite of their clear advantages!

What is it about the cultures that are created within these teams that still win in spite of being underdogs?

 And let’s not to forget that it still takes leadership skill to maintain a consistent winning team even when they are the favourites in terms of their resources.

 Increasingly within the business world today we see the small David’s rise up and run rings around the Goliaths. I would argue these small versus big business takedowns are even more impressive than their sporting comparisons because the resource inequalities are even more dramatic.

There seems to be something that screams from the Peter Drucker quotation “Culture beats strategy for breakfast” that every leader should heed!?!

What is the culture that they are able to create that makes these transformations on the field of business so inevitable?

Are they simply freaks of nature or is there something much more calculated and premeditated about the leaders who engineer and create these cultures?

In my new book, Transformation From Chaos, I argue that they are not accidents but in fact the natural evolution from the thinking that recognises the latent power of people, joined together in teams with a true performance culture.

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Phil Akilade