Tactical Quick Wins Coaching

Tactical Quick Wins Coaching Sessions are designed to address specific business challenges that you have already identified are holding you back.

Who are they for?

These sessions are for leaders with specific challenges they know that need to be overcome. You will be highly motivated to tackle these obstacles head on and keen to view these issues from an independent but transformative perspective.

What do they deliver?

They are designed to help diagnose the often-hidden obstacles that are preventing you from achieving your objectives. These challenges can range from mindset, strategy, go to market, systems or even people related etc. Once we’ve agreed on the baseline problems we’re looking to overcome, we’ll design and agree a strategy that addresses each of these challenges head on. These solutions will be designed to deliver a transformation of results rather than a traditional iterative improvement.

Why they deliver results?

These sessions deliver results because they are highly targeted on solving specific problems. This level of focus enables us to dig deep into the underlying problems so that our solutions can be designed to address each of them in turn. The independence from which we can approach your problems means, you’ll become aware of any blind spots in your thinking, that could be preventing you from taking your business to the next level.

Are they right for you?

Just as with our other programmes this coaching will challenge your current thinking, therefore you need to be open to challenge, willing to change and committed to doing the work. Leaders and entrepreneurs sometimes struggle adapting to suggestions to change that they haven’t initiated themselves, therefore it’s certainly not for everyone.

The initial consultation for this programme is free, it lasts up to 45 minutes and explores your willingness to change amongst many other aspects of your business. The purpose of this initial consultation is for me to fully understand your aspirations and challenges so that I can assess your situation. If I believe we have a good fit and that I can help, I’ll then explain how the Tactical Quick Wins Coaching Sessions work in more detail.

What I believe?

I believe we can all achieve (pretty much) whatever we want if we adopt a creative mindset and are prepared do the work

Innovation and therefore transformation is achieved via radical focussed strategy that makes the competition irrelevant not via “Me-Too” vanilla growth strategies. My blueprint and programmes are designed to support these objectives.

I believe entrepreneurs and business leaders hold the key for our communities being able to recover from how the world has changed and in shaping a future which continues to improve our global standards of living.