Why Work With Me?

40 Years of Business Growth in a Blueprint

When the Pandemic hit the UK at the end of March 2020, I can remember thinking, this will change everything! At the same time, I felt a sense of responsibility that after almost 40 amazing years in business I should do something to contribute.

I’d always liked the idea of writing a book but at the same time dreaded actually attempting it. You see I’ve always been a big business book reader but I’m not a trained writer and I’m not an academic.

Somehow, I instinctively knew it would be one of the most difficult things I’d ever tried to achieve. And I have to admit it was!

The most difficult thing I had to overcome was the feeling of being an imposter. Almost every week I heard voices in my head shouting “who do you think you are writing a book?” And “Nobody outside of your personal circle knows you” and “what do you have to say that’s unique about business?”. In spite of these demons jumping around inside my head, I got started. I managed to complete about 4 chapters, read them back and thought Yuch!!!

I gave up and went back to normal life.

But after a few weeks, a voice inside, compelled me to try again. I’d just watched a video about the power of Blueprints. And that’s when I realised that rather than trying to be clever, if all I did was condense my 40 years of being in business into a blueprint that described what I believed, perhaps that could be a useful structure for the book.

In putting the blueprint together, I started to realise that many of those voices in my head were in fact correct, perhaps there is nothing really unique about the ideas I’ve drawn into my framework.

But then when I stepped back and asked myself how many times over the years, I’d seen mistakes made or opportunities missed because the principles inside this blueprint hadn’t been followed, I thought, Oh my god!

It must have something going for it, because I used this same blueprint to start-up from scratch the European division of a US company. Five years later, following some extraordinary growth the parent company was bought out for $600 Million Dollars.

(Watch some of that story on this free webinar training)

The fascinating thing I discovered as I started to teach and coach around my blueprint was that it could be used as both a diagnostic (see the Business Makeover Report) and also a tool for taking steps to transform and grow a business.

So, this has been a long way of explaining the first B as to why I think you should work with me and that’s my BLUEPRINT.

Because it’s unique to me and “I wrote the book on it” based on 40 years of living it. And because I’ve lived it, I know it works and it can work for you with my help. But I accept you might not be ready or like the idea of working with anyone else just now, that’s fine just get hold of the book (“Transformation From Chaos” for free) and keep in touch with me perhaps for some time in the future.

I’ll believe even when you don’t

The second B is for BELIEF. Not in the religious sense, however. Because I know that the principles my blueprint revolves around are solid (after many years applying them in the field), I’m so confident that they’ll work for you also. But that’s only one small part of why I’m using the word belief as the second reason for working with me.

One of the things that I’ve experienced time and again in my own business life is that when people believe in you, it makes believing in yourself so much easier. And because having the belief to try something new and sticking with it until it becomes a habit is the key to transforming yourself, that’s why having a coach that believes you can make those changes can be one of the keys to success.

Over my business life I’ve been proven wrong so many times about what people can achieve that I’ve now given up doubting and fully transitioned into being a BELIEVER.

This almost religious belief in the ability of people to make truly extraordinary changes in their business and personal life is what I bring to my coaching. I’ll believe in you even though you may not believe in yourself.

Ideas, Insights and Expertise to take your business to the next level

The third B relates to my concept of the Business Transformation School (BTS).

Because I’ve worked across a range of big corporate businesses and smaller entrepreneurial ones, I’ve seen with my own eyes how much more difficult it can be for the small and medium sized business owner to execute change.

First of all, the big corporate executes have time and resources to go to business school or they’re given access to the latest innovate strategies and tactics for growing businesses often from consultants they work with.

The smaller business owner or leader on the other hand often has to wear so many different hats that the prospect of taking time out to learn can often be challenging. Therefore, my idea of the business transformation school is to bring a variety of experts spanning many different disciplines all together under one roof for my clients to learn from.

On top of the idea of learning from a variety of experts there’s the challenge of actually being able to implement the strategies once a plan has been set in motion. And that’s the other idea behind the BTS, to bring together a number of companies that specialise in the implementation of various disciplines.

For example, when you have a particular technology that you’ve decided is key to solving your strategic problem, then the vision is that we will have a number of these companies available to quickly assist you with the execution challenge if you don’t have a supplier yourself already.

Or let’s say your challenge was more people related you might want to have quick access to a trainer or facilitator who understood the principles we are applying and be able to work with you to support that change process.

So those are the three key reasons why I believe you should work with us.

However, I’m sure you’ll have lots of questions that have come to mind as a result of reading about them, so why not take advantage of the free 45 minute discovery call to put my belief to the test?

I’m looking forward to hearing about what you’re up to and seeing if I can help?